la crosse weather station reset

Looking for the La Crosse weather station reset guide? You’re at the right place!

As our guide progresses, you’ll learn all of the details behind the factory reset of a La Crosse weather station and how you could do it yourself.

As long as you move with the pace of our steps, you’ll face no problem resetting the weather station so let’s learn more!

To reset a La Crosse weather station, move the sensors inside, take out their batteries, and reset the data of the display.

After that, unplug the display and hold the gray button for 25 seconds, before reconnecting the display to A/C and pairing it to the sensors.

Keep reading to learn the following process in proper detail!

How La Crosse Weather Station Reset?

In the upcoming guide, we’ll learn all about the factory reset of a La Crosse weather station, how to do it, and what you should be aware of.

la crosse weather station resetting

Resetting your weather station could really come in handy whenever there is a syncing problem with the sensors or inaccurate weather data.

Let’s jump in with the guide and learn all about the reset on a La Crosse weather station!

Step #1 Relocate & Eject The Batteries!

Most users tend only to reset their weather station if there is a syncing/detection problem with the outdoor sensors.

To undergo a complete factory reset, you must move the sensors inside and place it next to the weather station’s display, to have proper syncing afterward.

relocate & eject the batteries
  • Taking the batteries of the sensors out is essential for the reset!

Follow these steps to move your sensors inside and remove their batteries:

  1. Get the sensors that have failed to sync with the weather station.
  2. Get the sensors indoors and place them 3 – 5 ft near the display.
  3. Locate the battery compartments of the weather station sensors.
  4. Remove the compartment covers of the associated sensors.
  5. Eject the batteries inside the sensors and place them aside.

Once you’ve done that, your sensors will become inactive (since you took out their batteries).

Make sure that they are in the range of the La Crosse display, so you could sync them later.

Step #2 Clear the Display’s Data

clear the display’s data

Before you could factory reset the display, it’s strongly recommended to Clear the Display’s Data.

If the sync with one (or more) of the sensors has failed, it is likely that the weather info on your La Crosse weather station display will be not full or totally inaccurate.

Here’s how to clear the display’s data in easy steps:

  1. While the display is plugged in, inspect the buttons!
  2. Locate the buttons on the left and right corners.
  3. Press and hold the buttons on the display’s edges!
  4. Hold the buttons for 30 seconds.
  5. Wait for the screen of your weather station display to calibrate (reset).
  6. Release the buttons.

On the screen of your weather station display, you’ll see all of the information being flushed and all of the values will change to many zeroes.

This is nothing to be worried of since the data on the display will be restored shortly.

Alert: Do not let go of the buttons on the edges, before the information resets!

Step #3 Disconnect the Display & Factory Reset

In this step in particular, we’ll be learning how to reset a LaCrosse weather station after you have cleared the device’s data.

disconnect the display & factory reset

As a result of the last step, your display will now show default values for several seconds, until it is recalibrated again.

Follow these steps to disconnect the display and reset it:

  1. Unplug the A/C Power Cord of the display from the Power Source.
  2. Take out the backup batteries, in the compartment on the back!
  3. Wait for 15 – 20 seconds, while the display is unplugged.
  4. Locate and press any button on the back of the display 25 times.
  5. Wait for another 30 seconds, after you have pressed the button.
  6. Reconnect the power adapter for your weather station display.
  7. Re-insert the backup batteries.
  8. Turn on the device and test…

If everything has worked fine during the factory reset, you should see all of the information being re-show on your weather station display’ screen.

The values will still be inaccurate since the outdoor sensors still have their batteries out, but this is a good sign.

Note: If your display fails to power on, reconnect the power adapter one more time!

Step #4 Install New Batteries in the Sensors!

If you were having information issues regarding the weather diagrams that your display was showing until now, it probably has something to do with the outdoor sensors.

install new batteries in the sensors

You should only replace the batteries of the sensors that have been failing to work and are inaccurate.

  • La Crosse weather station outdoor sensors use 2 AA alkaline batteries!

To replace the batteries, open the compartment on the back, take out the old (unfunctional) batteries, and insert the new ones.

Close the battery compartment and only when you’re confident that your sensor is functional, proceed with the next step!

Note: The batteries in your La Crosse outdoor sensor should last for up to a year!

Step #5 Re-Sync the La Crosse Setup!

After getting the fault with the outdoor sensors eliminated, it’s time to re-sync the devices to your weather station display.

With La Crosse, it’s really easy to get the sensors hooked up since both devices (the display and sensors) have a “Sync” button that allows them to connect.

re-sync the la crosse setup

Follow these steps to re-sync your outdoor La Crosse sensors to the display:

  1. Place the sensors that you wish to re-sync next to the display.
  2. Locate the “Sync” buttons on both the display and sensors.
  3. Press the “Sync” button on the display and hold it for 5 seconds.
  4. Hit the other Sync button (on the outdoor sensors) for 3 – 4 seconds.
  5. Wait for your display to recognize the sensors you wish to connect.

If you’re using the original outdoor sensors with the weather station (which we assume you do), the syncing will only take around 5 – 10 seconds.

Third-party sensors that are compatible with the display, could maybe have a pairing time of up to 30 seconds, based on technology.

Note: Repeat the instructions above, for each sensor you have working with the display!

Step #6 Reconnect the La Crosse Display

After the factory reset has been finished, it’s time to get your La Crosse weather station display, reconnected to the WiFi.

As you probably know, the factory reset will unpair the display from the connected network (router) and you’ll have to go through WP Setup once again.

reconnect the la crosse display

Follow these steps to reconnect your La Crosse display to the network router:

  1. Locate the “SET “ and “MINUS” buttons on the display.
  2. Press and hold both of the buttons for 5 seconds.
  3. Quickly head over to your network’s router.
  4. Locate the “WPS” button on the router.
  5. Hold the WPS button of your router for 10 seconds.
  6. Wait for the La Crosse display to reconnect.

The blue LED on your La Crosse display will indicate the state of the connection as follows:

  • Blinking Blue Light – The connection is still pending (probably to fail)
  • Solid Blue Light – The connection has succeeded and the display is connected

If the LED blinks in blue for too long, you’ve probably been too late to press the WPS button on your router and must redo the setup all over again.

Good luck!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to do a La Crosse weather station reset, bring the faulty sensors indoors, place them on the display, and take out their batteries.

After that, reset the display’s data, take out its A/C power cord/backup batteries, and hold the gray button for 25 seconds!